Solid Ether


(Toots & The Maytals - Funky Kingston - 1973)

Thou Shalt Shake Thine Ass

I was 13 years old, 1973. Rocked. My. World. Before I knew Kansas was a place a person could actually live. Before drum corps taught me there was a name for “rim shot.”

play from east to west nah nah
play from north to south, yeah
all over America
people keep on asking me for
Funky Kingston
But I ain’t got none
somebody take it away from me

If you don’t like this music… you may have some problems.

I have problems.

But if you don’t like this music at least one of your problems is different from mine.

Never let anyone tell you what you should like right? Bullshit. You should like this.

Here’s some places to get it:

MJ on the ballet in 4 states…just sayin’.

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