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Solid Ether Web & Computer Services

Get the tech you need, make sure it works for you, then get it out of your way!

Manage your technology

Image of tech mindmap.

From setup and configuration of your computers, phones and tablets, to building an online presence with websites, social media, or email marketing, I can help.

Manage your workflow

How do you engage the convenience that new technologies bring you throughout your day?

Image of Frustrated computer user.
(All of this helpful tech can end up being very frustrating.)

I can help you create an approach to the tech in your life that lets you stay in charge and not the other way around.

Solid Ether for your small business

Do you need a better way to keep your restaurant’s online menu current? Is the content of your inventory becoming a mystery? Would you like your employees to be able to check their schedules online?

I can provide efficient, custom solutions to these and many other issues you face in running your business.

Contact Solid Ether and let’s have a conversation about making technology a help instead of a hassle!